Friday, October 12, 2007

The Keg

I've posted about The Keg in Waterloo before, but I just visited there this evening and had some additional information to post.

I decided today to have the prime rib, instead of my usual steak option. I always mention to my server that I cannot have gluten, and in this case I specifically questioned the "au jus" that was to accompany the prime rib.

The server didn't know off hand if I could have the au jus, but went to check with the cooking staff. A few minutes later, the host (or manager, I'm not sure which) came to talk to me and mentioned that the au jus contained "corn gluten". He wasn't sure exactly if I could have corn gluten, even though their allergy book indicated that it was fine for Celiacs. (yes, that means they actually have an allergy book. Very cool.)

I did ensure him that "corn gluten" is fine (the word gluten is a little scary, but corn gluten is just corn), and therefore the au jus was fine.

Also, I requested a Caesar salad without croutons, and apparently they made it in a separate bowl so there was no contamination. (The Caesar dressing is safe, I've checked.)

Finally, my meal came with a baked potato and beans and mushrooms. The beans and mushrooms were a little different than the ones my wife (a non-Celiac) got. Hers were cooked in some sort of sauce, and mine were completely plain - probably steamed. I'm not sure exactly why I couldn't have the normal veggies, but they were obviously cautious in preparing my meal.

Overall, it was a great dinner and I really appreciated the staff's knowledge and care about eating gluten-free.


SeekerSue said...

Thanks so much for the info! I ate at the Keg last night and had the exact meal you had by the sounds of it! My waiter also checked the au jus for me and came back saying it was gluten-free, but I didn't know how exactly he knew, so that's reassuring!

Anonymous said...

Well, I went to the Keg the other night and had the prime rib with the jus. Big mistake. Upon leaving the restaurant I could tell things weren't feeling right. In bed, I had pain and nausea. The cramping lasted about 48 hrs. Fine now. But next time I'll be skipping the jus! (Or maybe it was the horseraddish?)