Sunday, January 20, 2008

Casa Greek (Cambridge)

Last night I visited Casa Greek on Hespeler Road in Cambridge. My wife and I were driving around the city hungry, looking for options, and ended up here by chance.

At first I was a little bit skeptical. The decor is a little cheesy, and this is a 'family-style' diner which didn't seem authentically Greek. But, we were very hungry and got a table immediately - for a Saturday night at 7 pm, this was our only real requirement!

The waiter didn't seem to know too much about Celiac disease, but he checked with the chef regarding my meal and I could eat everything. I had the chicken souvlaki meal, which comes with Greek salad, roasted potatoes and rice. The waiter thought the rice might be a problem, but turns out it was fine. I also asked about the salad dressing and chicken marinade, and both were made without gluten.

Overall, it was a really good meal, and I was pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed the fact that you get a *ton* of food - definitely make sure you prepare an appetite as the portions are huge.

The salad was amazing, and the rest of the meal was equally good. I don't know if I can say it is completely authentic, but it was definitely better than other Greek meals I've had recently (i.e. Mediterraneo's in Waterloo, not to mention most of their items have gluten).

And finally, the price for the amount of food is amazing. The chicken souvlaki meal was $11.99, and my wife's Gyro dinner (not gluten-free) was $9.99.

I would definitely recommend Casa Greek if you're a Celiac and are looking for a good-sized Greek meal.

Casa Greek
350 Hespeler Road
Cambridge, ON N1R 7N7

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Anonymous said...

Why would anyone know about Celiac Disease? Why SHOULD they know about it? Every restaurant should have a posting on their door: IF YOU HAVE FOOD ISSUES, YOU KNOW WHAT YOU SHOULD AND SHOULDN'T EAT, WE ACCEPT NO RESPONSIBILITIES. man... I have gluten issues very severely, I dont expect OTHERS to know what I may or may not eat... you take your chances. And I have cooked for a living... guess what my reply was to people asking me stupid questions? see above... I guarnteed nothing... cook for yourself if you have issues, or open your own restaurant...