Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sole in Waterloo

A comment was left about Sole (off of Erb Street, near Caroline) a few weeks back, and I agree with the author: they seem to have a good knowledge about eating gluten-free. If I recall correctly, I think one of their staff has Celiac disease.

I've never had a problem finding something to eat at Sole, and I've always been treated well.

On a personal level though, I don't really find their food top notch. Don't get me wrong: their menu looks great, and the presentation is good, but I just usually don't find myself being "wowed" with the taste. I've talked to different people about this and some very much agree with me, and some don't.

I'd love to hear your comments!

In the end, Sole is a great restaurant for Celiacs and has a great atmosphere. I think for the money, you get a better meal at Hannah's or Charbries. Just my 2 cents...


Anonymous said...

I agree Sole isn't top notch--good ideas, mediocre accomplishments.

That said, I am surprised you found Hannah's that much better. My last trip there was very disappointing in terms of quality, and I haven't been back. Perhaps I should try again.

I'm sorry you're no longer in KW. I really enjoy reading your thoughts, and getting your tips.

SafeCeliac said...

Thanks for your comment about the blog!

I do work in Waterloo though, and am in the area quite a I'll definitely continue to review restaurants in the area.

As for Hannah's - that's too bad. It's not cheap, so if the food is not good it is quite a disappointment. I like that they seem to care about Celiacs though.

I still think my favourite restaurants in KW are Verses and Charbries.