Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hannah's Bella Bistro

I've written about Hannah's Tapas Lounge in the past, but the main dining room (Hannah's Bella Bistro) is a wonderful spot for an upscale lunch or dinner.

I was there last week for dinner and had a great experience. I've always been impressed with their food, but more importantly their knowledge and care for eating gluten-free is outstanding.

Example: I ordered one of the specials for the evening: a bison entree. It came with a glaze, so I asked about it to make sure it was gluten-free. The waitress came back and said that the chef put a little bit of soy sauce in the glaze, so it was not gluten-free. Instead they'd make me a special sauce for the bison.

Sometimes I can't believe how well people do their jobs. It may seem like a simple thing to Celiacs (most soy sauce has wheat in it), but as a chef running a busy restaurant, remembering a little detail like that is impressive. Kudos to the chef.

If you've never visited Hannah's, I'd highly recommend it:

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