Saturday, January 12, 2008

Gadino's Pizza (gluten-free pizza!)

Thanks to a comment, I found out about Gadino's Pizza in Kitchener. A couple weeks ago, I called them to order a pizza: yes indeed they make gluten-free pizzas and I got to taste one first hand.

I can't honestly say that the crust was the best pizza crust I've ever had (it was pretty tough at the edges), but overall it was a great pizza. And ordering in pizza is such a treat for Celiac's that I was pretty ecstatic. I'd definitely order it again!

I tried to ask a few questions about their toppings but unfortunately I don't have too many tips to share. The man I was talking to didn't know if the pepperoni or ham was gluten-free. I stayed away from both of those toppings, but he said other customers haven't complained of any problems. If you find out more details, feel free to leave a comment.

He was a very nice man though - I think he might have been the owner. He even called me back about 1 hour later to see how I liked the pizza.

Here's Gadino's phone number once again: 519-579 2901.



KM said...

I cannot tell you how excited I am to have have seen your blog on GF pizza - I cannot wait to try it! Thank you for the tip!

Anonymous said...

I have tried the Hawaiian Gluten-Free pizza - it was great!

Anonymous said...

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We need support from you, your family member’s and friends, all gluten free items will be delivered free of cost along with the order of gluten free Pizza.
Please give me your valuable feedback about new products; your suggestions can help me in improving our Pizza Quality.
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Anonymous said...

I too have tried a gluten free pizza from Gadino's. I was plesantly surprised! The nice part about ordering from Gadino's is that they allow you to create the pizza the way you wish. I am not Celiac, I only have a wheat intolerance. I tried to order a g/f pizza from Pizza Pizza and they refused to put goat cheese on it. Not because there is gluten, but because their ingredients come vacuum packed (yummy) and are cross contaminated. Hats off to Gadino's. Oh, my significant other had a regular pizza and LOVED it!!
A note to all, just because it is gluten/wheat free does not guarantee it is healthy. Watch for additives, preservatives and trans fat.